The Andromeda Society

It was a great success! 
Thanks to all who made it possible 

A short film of the 18th Annual Starry Nights Festival by Jessica Chortkoff Becker

17th Annual
Starry Night Festival
There are so many people we wish to thank that helped to make this day so special.
Just to mention a few:

The Yucca Mesa Improvement Association members & Board for the warm welcome and generous hospitality shown to us by opening up their Community Center in a joint effort in making this historic event such a success.  A special thanks to their President, Ed Cronin and Ed's right hand man, Tim Gillilan for their tireless efforts and hard work to whom we owe much gratitude.

To Olivia de Haulleville for her guidance and assistance throughout the whole process in addition to making things run smooth at the Andromeda welcoming  table. 

Also to the ladies Theresa, Nancy, Earlene and  the kids, for all the great food and behind the scene efforts. 

To Donna Muñoz, our area Field Rep. to County Supervisor James Ramos
for their assistance.

To all our guest speakers, who donated their time, traveled from far and wide to share their passion for astronomy with the public:
 Ken Drummond (Galileo) & Ray Yeager, Paul Livio, Wally Pacholka, Dean Arvidson, Paul McCudden,
Tim Hunter and David Levy.

To all the generous people who donated to the fantastic items for Door Prize Drawing.

And to our astronomers from SCDVA for showing the public deep space live and the
Sky Guru's from L.A. City College for their wonderful and enlightening  laser light tour of the dark night skies.