The Andromeda Society

Sam in His Element

August 7, 1927 ~ October 22, 2013

Sam Davidson along with Orv Hunter were the heart and soul of the Andromeda Society.
Sam was an educator and a mentor to many. 
His passion was to share the night sky and that he did.  

 I will always picture him at one of the Hidden Valley star parties. Standing there with a crowd surrounding him, his hand extended, proudly showing off a meteorite he always carried, saying "What did the big fish say to the little fish when he banged his head?..........................Dam!

It s with great sadness to report that our dear friend, Thomas Balone has passed away Tuesday,  August 28th.
His fight with cancer and the struggle to outrun it are now over.  His decision to move on to what will, eventually, visit all of us, has taken him.  He was aware that his journey had the potential for this outcome and he dared to continue for much longer than predicted by the people who were helping him.  In fact, his determination brought much more time for everyone to enjoy and spend with him.

Aside from his sometimes wicked sense of humor, there was one thing that was special for Tom that created the relationships most of us knew him for, and that was astronomy. The night sky was wondrous and Tom loved mysteries. His high intellect and drive to know about things made the stars one of his desires to know all about them. He was a member of the Andromeda Society for many years and a board member serving as Vice President until the last days he was with us.
He cared about the Andromeda Society to the point that the democratic process was the key point and membership issues were what he defended and worked to enhance.  From Starry Nights Festival being for the best interests of the club as well as the public and that the work the club did was to be of social benefit.

Everyone will miss Tom. We all have lost a friend and colleague! Our sincere sympathy goes to his family and friends and to his wife Teresa, his longtime companion in life.
Click HERE to see Thomas's obituary in the Hi-Desert Star Paper.