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Good news!
It is now official.

The Andromeda Society is now a 501 (c) (3) Which means that your membership dues, purchases and donations are all

Tax Deductible


Eclipse Watch!
Free Event

Join the Andromeda Society astronomy club for safe viewing of the solar eclipse, beginning 9am Monday, Aug. 21, at the picnic area on the north side of the Yucca Valley Community Center. 

There will be telescopes, binoculars and eyeglasses specially designed for safe solar viewing.

There will also be a drawing, just for youngsters, to send themselves an “I was there” confirmation note inside a self-addressed envelope stamped with the commemorative solar eclipse postage stamp. The envelopes will be hand-delivered to the Yucca Valley post office to be date-canceled for that day.

The solar eclipse will be seen as total for a wide swath of the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. However, we will see a partial eclipse as illustrated in the diagram from the Griffith Observatory. But even the partial eclipse will darken the morning, cast weird shadows and be a great opportunity to see sunspots and other solar features.

Remember; never look at the sun without specially-designed solar viewing apparatus! Sunglasses are not adequate to protect eyesight from the damaging, blinding radiation of our nearest star.


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Also during the year, Please Join us, as we team up with the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers  and
The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater for other  Star parties.

Go to www.scdva.org or www.jtaat.com
For dates and times of events

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You asked for it
Now you got it!
You Can Now Renew Your Tax Deductable Dues & Contributions on Line
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You can now use your Credit Card to make donations to the Andromeda Society.  

Your donations go towards keeping Free programs and other events like Starry Nights going.
Annual Membership $20.00 individual $35 for immediate family members
Save with a Lifetime membership $300.00


*Contributions are Tax Deductible 

 Or if you prefer, you can mail your check to
Andromeda Society
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Updated August 16, 2017