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August 2019
Join us along with
The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater

The Perseid Meteor Shower event returns again in August with the peak numbers of meteors occurring in the morning between August 11 and 13. 

The Moon will be bright early on, but will set by the time the real shower is expected to happen.
This is a Camping event! This is a dark night astronomy event, too!
Doors to the theater open at 8:00 pm. on the 11th. and closes at Midnight.  If you plan on staying after the theater closes, camping fees are required. 

Make your camping reservations early if you will be staying after Midnight.

Our best visual telescopes will be aimed at all kinds of summer deep sky wonders. As always we will do a tour of the constellations and tell stories about the fascinating tales connected to our Cosmic experience.

Since the Perseids will be happening all weekend, what better time to visit Joshua Tree and all that is available to enjoy. Camping with RV's can be reserved in advance with the campground. Tents or car camping need not reserve a space but check in and camping fees must be paid to the campground.

Second Saturday will be this same weekend and the Art community always hosts a plethora of events to take in. Music is another highlight with lots of local venues put on cool shows.

Besides night life, a drive in the National Park is another easy choice. There is a weekend filled with stuff to do. Camp out, stay up late, and check out the hopeful firestorm that is always possible at this special time.

Lots to see, more announced soon.
As always,
No Pets Please...
Bring comfy stuff and libations as you enjoy.
Dark happens about 9pm.
Five Dollars, please. $5.00 at the door...

August 2019

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Also during the year, Please Join us, as we team up with the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers  and
The Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater for other  Star parties.

Go to www.scdva.org or www.jtaat.com
For dates and times of events

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